Phone repair service some important tips and tricks

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I am sharing a few tips with all professional cell phone repair technicians which will surely be helpful when undertaking repair jobs. For those who are ignorant about this, this is a new lesson to learn and for those who already know this, this is mere revision for them!

It is always important to follow the rules and ethics in whichever profession you are in. This is to ensure safety as well as professionalism that results in customer satisfaction.

1. You should have all the necessary tools

A good workstation is one that possesses all the necessary sets of tools. Since cell phone repair is a vast arena, many specialized tools are needed in addition to the common tools.

So a professional technician should always have such specialized tools and equipment to carry out specific repair tasks/procedures. A workstation with well-stocked tools is bound to motivate its occupying technician.

2. While Dismantling

You should always remember the manner in which you had dismantled the phone because when you start reassembling the same, you will have to go exactly in a reverse manner, or else you will miss something and unnecessarily waste your precious time.

Earlier it was sort of difficult as we had all types of handsets such as flippers and sliders. But nowadays, handsets are very much a piece of cake for disassembling and reassembling.

Also while disassembling and assembling, you should be extra careful about the LCD as it is the most delicate part (and the most expensive part!) in a cell phone.


3. Replacing all the screws back

Whenever you replace the screws after fixing the phone, make sure that you replace all the screws in their respective slots. If perchance due to your carelessness you may have misplaced some screws make sure you use screws of the same type, size, and shape, or else you will surely damage the threads in the slots or the slot itself.

And remember that handsets with missing screws are not a good sight and also it unbalance the alignment of the handset.


4. Always keep the work area neat and clean

It is of utmost necessity that you keep your workplace neat and clean because a dirty and unorganized workplace reflects on the character and manners of the person and a clean ambiance always attracts people.

A clean workstation will always give better results. If you wish to increase your output, then make sure you keep your work very much neat and clean.

5. All the spares should be available

When you take a job to fix a phone make sure that you have all the proper parts to replace. It would be an advantage if you keep the spare parts of the most common models in stock so that when the handsets come for repairs, you can repair them immediately without wasting any time. Always find ways to save your time to become successful in this highly competitive world.

6. Keep the SIM card and memory card of the customer safely

When you accept any handset for repairs from a customer, always make it a point to keep the SIM and memory card safely. It would be better if you do this in an organized manner such as keeping it in a separate small box with the customer’s name and or model of the handset or the number of the receipt which you may have issued to the customer. This will make it easy for you when the customer asks it to be returned. You will not have to rummage through your drawer wasting your time in looking for it.

7. Ensure that the data of the customer is secure

When you repair a phone, make sure that you do not delete the data unless required. Because in some cases, the data is much more important than the handset itself. If it is absolutely necessary, take a backup of the data and it is of utmost necessity to take the customer’s consent before deleting data or performing a factory reset.

8. Take assistance from your friend (internet!)

The internet today has deep treasures of knowledge. If you are confused while fixing a fault, try to seek solutions for it through the internet.

In many cases, there is an easy solution for a particular fault in a particular model which you might be unaware of. And there is the possibility of you being surprised when you are able to fix the problem through such simple steps you found while surfing.

While searching for solutions in Google, make sure you do all the 3 searches – text, image, and video search until you get a proper solution.

Following these tips diligently will make you people’s favorite technician.  You will also win the customer and his confidence. It will also help you in increasing your clientele and hence bring in more business as well as more money.

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